Group Internal Ombudsman

The office of the Group Internal Ombudsman commits to provide an important mechanism for the reporting and review of complaints from its clients and third parties.

The GTM Group Internal Ombudsman is:

Mrs. Davica Ally

Address: 27/29 Robb & Hincks Streets, Georgetown, Guyana

Phone: 592-225-7911-9 Extension 2248
Email: dally@gtm-gy.com

How can the Group Internal Ombudsman help?

If your complaint or concern has not been addressed, you may submit your complaint to The Office of the GTM Group Internal Ombudsman.

All communications will be kept confidential. 

Your letter should detail the nature of the complaint and circumstances giving rise to the complaint including dates, the names of employees involved and copies of all relevant documents. We would suggest that you also include what you would like us to do for you.

Upon receipt of your letter, the Group Internal Ombudsman will contact you via telephone and/or electronic mail and where necessary, arrange a face to face meeting.

Once the complaint has been reviewed and investigations carried out, you shall receive a final position letter.

The final position letter will include the outcome of the investigations and the Company's final position along with additional information on further options available to you, should you wish to pursue the matter further.